Why Do Many Readers Want Physical, Printed Books:

People who are book junkies will tell you there is nothing like an physical book to read from. They do download books to their devices when carrying a book around town is not feasible, but when possible they will opt for an actual book.book

Sensible or not, there is an appeal in the actual feel of the binding, the quality of the pages and usually remains with the reader for years to come. Even though a physical hardback book will cost more than downloading the same story to a device, to many it’s worth it! I happen to love books in hardback, softback, paperback or digital because I love to read.

When I hear or read a review about a book that interests me, my first thought is to hit the bookstores that encompass used books, new books, library books or just go to the library. Sometimes I just enjoy hitting the used bookstores to uncover some really great gems that I never heard of but am glad I found them.

While in a store or a library, you can flip through the pages, feel the quality of the printed book, look for other books by the same author or the same genre of topics (i.e. Mysteries). With ebooks, it’s just a click away, you can purchase numerous books quickly and then wonder, in the aftermath, wonder why you chose that book? No one really stews over ebooks, if you don’t like it, move it over to a friend or family member. Another big problem with ebooks is searching for what you are looking for. If you don’t have a title and are not able to figure out what category it would fall under, you will just spin your wheels. The same can be said with search engines, you can circle the barn over and over and still not get what you are looking for. Categories in stores are so much easier because you will find something similar in a specific category and know you are in the right place.

Why Physical, Printed Books Still Matter To Readers:

Have you ever taken your iPad to the beach? One, your battery will die at some point and the glare of the sun makes it nearly impossible to read. A physical book is easier to read and doesn’t have a battery life! If you are on an aircraft, you can read at any given time, can’t do that with an iPad or laptop. Printed books are so amazingly flexible because you can read them just about anywhere, at anytime. Most readers will agree that reading a printed book is relaxing and a form of great escapism, digital is more like reading through emails that you really don’t care about and after a short period of time, it’s really hard on your eyes.paper Book

Printed, physical books have many different uses and values. I used to sell my used books online, give them to friends to read or in some cases hold onto. An author spent time, sweat and tears to bring you their story, I will not throw a book out! If I read a book that I know I will read again, it goes into my bookshelf. Two examples are “The Art of Racing in the Rain” and “A Dog’s Purpose” that I have read more than once, their value never goes away.  Unfortunately, ebooks have different stipulations such as sharing on a very limited time-frame and only if you purchased it on Kindle. If I have favorite authors, I will pass them on to friends or family members who share the same like for various authors. If I’m at a coffee shop, finished a book and someone lets me know they really like that author but have never read that book – I’ll give it to them! Sharing books is a wonderful community unto itself and allows that book to go on being enjoyed by many other folks. Rare books that are usually out of print fall into their own very selective category. Book collectors spend a great deal of money hunting down these books. If you have rare books, possibly passed down from parents or grandparents, you could very well make some really nice cash! First editions signed by the author can also be quite valuable to some collectors or valuable to yourself.

Ebooks Are A Blessing For Up And Coming Authors:

I am by no means putting down the great points of ebooks. Famous authors as well as beginners are finding the avenue of ebooks an easy way to get their material out to eager eyes. You can sell your book anywhere in the world and reap the benefits if it turns into a very popular read. It’s also a great way for beginner authors to learn what is selling and what is just bombing. You do not have to send manuscripts to every publisher in the world, hoping someone will pick you up. Make an ebook and see how your story is working out.

All said, more people should read, it’s a wonderful magic carpet ride, can be very informative or just leave you laughing in tears! Reading is great for your brain and is a great deal of fun whether you choose to do that digitally or in printed form. Grab a book and have fun!