The Digital Word vs The Printed Word!

With millions of people living on the internet, marketing has moved online to attract a whole new generation of potential customers. That said, most businesses realize that many of these people will glance at emails, decide if it’s something they are interested in and if not will just delete it. Successful businesses realize how important online marketing is but know it’s not the only form they should be using. Finding the perfect balance to merge online with brick and mortar is an important strategy that must be addressed. Off-line printing is just as important as the information that is being printed online.

Here are some marketing print tools that we believe are vital for promoting and growing your business this year:

 Your Business Cards:

Business cards are not going away anytime soon. There is something very important about handing your business card to someone, face to face. Your name, your face and your logo or graphic can have a strong impression on the card

Business cards are not the cards of the past. They have taken on art form that speaks very loudly in favor of marketing print tool. The quality of your business card is critical to the first impression someone will have about you and your business. An excellent design will stay with a potential customer because it tells them what your business is really all about.

Our online printing services can be done very quickly and it’s very easy to order top quality business cards that speaks strongly about your business.

Banners & Posters:

If you are having an event, you need to advertise it with large, over-sized posters with large print and striking graphics. Poster printing must capture a compelling design with the very best images to catch the attention of your targeted customer. Banners and posters are very popular if you are hosting a non-profit event such as the fight against cancer or adopt a pet day. Many businesses like to get involved in these events to show their neighborhood support.


Businesses have been using promotional items for a hundred years with items everyone uses. Sunglasses, coffee mugs, mouse pads and baseball caps to name a few. People love receiving free stuff they can use while your business will remain with them. There are so many branded items out there for potential customers, your suppliers and business partners. Small, fun gifts with your logo on it will leave a lasting impression.


In a world where paper seems to be taboo, brochures and flyers cut through the red tape. They are solid, touchable items. They are very effective in the world of marketing. A brochure could give valuable information regarding your online address, your business activities, short bios about your staff and shows how your business supports local events.