Terms Used In The Print Industry – Part One:

There are various terms used within the printing industry that relate to the effects and customization that are now available for all printed matter. Let’s take a look at some of these terminologies:

4 Colour Process Printing:printer

4 Colour Printing is the standard process usually used throughout the printing industry, particularly dealing with publications and colour marketing materials including fliers and brochures. There are four colors that combine to generate crisp, colours and images. This is referred to as CMYK which stands for cyan, magenta, yellow and black.

Long before the actual printing, there are processes using various filters and screens to separate images into the 4 Colour values and this is referred to as colour separation. Originally, this was totally done manually using special cameras and films. With modern technology, this can all be accomplished digitally by using specialized print software.

The result of this process are four very distinct images are created on a traditional press, then transferred to individual printing plates which are then used gradually in order to generate the final colour image. Even though this 4 colour process only covers the above mentioned colours, most colours from the spectrum can be very accurately reproduced in the same way.


Embossing is the use of custom-made dies under high pressure to press-out or form an impression onto a card or heavy stock material. The outcome is a raised three-dimensional area that offers a touchable surface along with a visual appeal that can be very appealing.

In combination with heat, male and female dies are used to create a raise or push shapes and/or letters above the surface of the entire item. The embossing die gives a reversed image of the final design and the development of the indented image, by the die, is know as debossing.

Embossing is used on an array of printed materials such as brochures, letterheads, invitations, greeting cards and certificates. This effect offers a very unique and pleasing appearance on business cards as well.

Highlighted areas on documents and cards works really well when embossed. Embossing is a wonderful way to emphasize logos and designs and in many other creative designing ideas.