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Flyers can be a great way of selling your product in your local area. Whether you are a new or existing business, a well placed business flyer can create extra turnover and start important ongoing relationships with new customers. The 3 common sizes of DL, A4 and A5 and available in 1-4 colours in a variety of thicknesses in matt or gloss, could be just what your company needs to kick start your business in tough economic times.

Full colour flyers/newsletters attract attention and spell quality. Research shows that by using colour in your printed communications you can create maximum impact, increasing recall and response. From a range of soothing or vivd colours, our designers can help you use colour to make your message work across your flyers and advertising materials. Achieving constant brand visibility is often a tough task, and with the number of flyers and brochures flying through mailboxes daily, it is essential that your print marketing stands out.

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Some of the most common methods of binding books , pads and catalogues include: perfect binding - gluing the outside edges of the pages together to create a flat edge. Saddle-stitch binding – using staples along the folds of the pages to bind them together . Spiral binding - wires in a spiral form threaded through punched holes along the binding edge of the papers . This allows the document to lay open flatly . Plastic comb binding similar to spiral binding but using a tubular plastic piece with teeth that fit through holes punched into the binding edge . Three ring binding - holes are punched into the pages and fitted into a binder.