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Bunbury is a portal city located on the western side of Australia, 109 miles (175 km) south of Perth. Bunbury was established in 1836, is the third largest city in the country, and is located south of the Leschenault Estuary. It is well known for it’s wild bottlenose dolphins that swim close to the shore along with its rich mangroves and birdlife. Bunbury was once the major port for exporting wheat but now exports woodchips and alumina instead.

Bunbury has become a major regional commercial center and economically diverse city for many industries including mining, agricultural landscaping, human services for its growing population, providing key transport links and being a great influence of Perth.

Banbury’s leading economic force is the mining and mineral processing sector with a $2 billion annual turnover. That said, the agriculture sector is critically important with a value of approximately $146 million per year which comes down to approximately 30% of the Southwestern region’s agricultural production.

Other industries that are vital to the economic growth of Bunbury include the retail and services industry, the recent upswing in tourism, and the building sector which includes the production of timber.

As a major port, the Bunbury sub-region will continue to move goods through its port from all areas of the world. The increased expansion of the port is witnessed in the Bunbury Port Inner Harbour Structure Plan. This plan will promote continued economic growth for the region and eventually be an economic stimulus for the corporate support and ancillary services associated with the port and other industries located in and around Bunbury city center. This plan will additionally create greater strength for the city in its new role.

At DX Print Group, we have been proudly serving the Bunbury area for quite some time by providing the very best quality for your personal and/or commercial printing needs.

About Our Services:

Producing Magazines & Catalogs For Publication:

Business owners throughout Bunbury have relied on us to produce their catalogs and magazines for publishing. We offer the very best quality print at an extremely affordable cost. We can provide magnets of all sorts / sizes. Give us a call, we’d be more than happy to sit down with you and get your material done in a very timely manner.


We can design and print high quality material from 10 to 10000 copies of your booklets or newsletters to meet your delivery deadlines.


Fridge or promotional magnets from business card size to A4 or A3.

Professional & Unique Business Stationery:

Your business stationery can easily be the first impression someone will perceive about your business. You need a very professional, unique stationery that shows you are a serious business and someone customers can trust. We will provide you with stationery that will emphasise your business success while showing your impeccable good taste! Build and promote your business brand with customised stationery from business cards to tax invoices in black and white or colour.

Our Graphic Design Team:

Whether you are looking for a unique design for your next magazine cover or are in the market for a new logo, we can help you out! Our highly qualified team of graphic designers will sit down with you and help you design artwork that is completely tailored to your business needs.

Our Print And Hold Stock Service:

There are so many aspects for running a business and making decisions on a daily basis can seem like a lot at times. Knowing how much print and materials you should keep in stock isn’t exactly an exacting science. You certainly do not want to lose out on a sale due to a lack of stock. We are here to assist you with our print and hold stock service.

Your Medical Stationery:

We have been providing our stationery services to the medical industry for many years. Whether you have been in practice for a very long time or setting up shop for the first time, your stationery is a critical part of your business. We will gladly sit down with you and help design the perfect stationery for your services.

Sports Club Stationery:

Make a professional impact for your sporting club . Full design service available and fast turn around delivery for your sporting events.

Educational Materials:

Our designers and printers can work with you to make your stationery look and feel first class . Lift your school image by showcasing your identity in a simple standout style .

Our Services

  • Business Stationery

    Business Stationery

    We have a vast experience in designing and printing professional, high quality business stationery materials for our customers.

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  • Books, Magazines & Catalogues

    Books, Magazines & Catalogues

    Producing books and magazines is easier than you think and less costly than you may think. We specialise in book & magazine reproduction as well as book publishing for Perth, WA.

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  • Promotional Products

    Promotional Products

    Give your valued customers a gift that stays on their desk and keeps your business visible. There are many gift ideas and we are always happy to look for a product that suits.

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  • Medical Stationery

    Medical Stationery

    Whether you have been running your medical practice for decades or perhaps your setting up shop the first time, there is always a need for certain medical stationery that every doctor will need.

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  • Graphic Design

    graphic design service

    We aim to be the best graphic design printers in Perth featuring a team of highly skilled graphic designers who operate with you by making artwork tailored to your company needs.

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  • Print & Hold Stock

    print and hold stock service

    Knowing exactly how much stock to keep can be difficult at times. You never want to lose a sale because you couldn’t match stock. We can help you with our print and hold stock service.

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