Why Do Many Readers Want Physical, Printed Books:

People who are book junkies will tell you there is nothing like an physical book to read from. They do download books to their devices when carrying a book around town is not feasible, but when possible they will opt for an actual book. Sensible or not, there is an appeal in the actual feel […]

Why Magazines Are Still Significant

Printing techniques have become less expensive in price and production costs since the 1960s. This has created a huge rise in printing technologies that deliver very quickly, offers advanced designs and reproductions. Magazine printing has increased over the years allowing households to bring your name into their homes through this particular form of print. You […]

The Digital Word vs The Printed Word!

With millions of people living on the internet, marketing has moved online to attract a whole new generation of potential customers. That said, most businesses realize that many of these people will glance at emails, decide if it’s something they are interested in and if not will just delete it. Successful businesses realize how important […]

Why Print Books Still Matter in Self-Publishing Part 2

I can take a physical book anywhere. Like into the bathtub. Or to the beach. I confess, I own one of those supposedly waterproof plastic covers for my ipad, but with limited battery time in the roasting sun, devices outdoors still have their limitations. A print book doesn’t have these problems. Print books don’t lose […]

Why Print Books Still Matter in Self-Publishing Part 1

What makes the experience of reading a print book, so inherently different, and occasionally, better? Is it the fact it’s actually not as easy to bring with me all the places I might want to take it? Is there a luxury in its impracticality? Or does the generally higher price point of print books make […]

3 Reasons Why Print Magazines Remain Relevant!

From the 1960s onwards, cheaper production and relatively cheaper costs of maintenance has caused an upsurge in printing technologies that deliver faster and more optimized designs and reproductions. This has caused a surge in magazine printing, giving rise to a lot of household names in this particular print media. However, in the internet age, where […]

4 Print Marketing Tools to Boost Your Business in 2016!

Marketing has largely moved online these days, with new generations of consumers glancing for a few moments at an email, deciding whether it resonates, and then hitting the delete button. While online marketing is a crucial part of your marketing plan it shouldn’t be your sole strategy. The most competitive companies know how to marry […]

Terms Used In The Print Industry – Part Three:

Let’s dig a little deeper into UV Coatings getting more information on this ever so popular finish. Ultraviolet (UV) Coating: UV coatings are applied as a liquid, then cultivated under ultraviolet light to create a very hard and extremely glossy finish. UV coating are greater than aqueous coatings or varnishes in many different ways. Its […]

Terms Used In The Print Industry – Part Two:

Now that we have gone over some printing terms relating to effects and customizing, it’s time to continue on with Print Coatings and Varnishes and what special traits they bring to the printing process. Print Coatings and Varnishes: Coatings are commonly used for protection, but there are many other effects that can be accomplished by […]

Terms Used In The Print Industry – Part One:

There are various terms used within the printing industry that relate to the effects and customization that are now available for all printed matter. Let’s take a look at some of these terminologies: 4 Colour Process Printing: 4 Colour Printing is the standard process usually used throughout the printing industry, particularly dealing with publications and […]