4 Print Marketing Tools to Boost Your Business in 2016!

Marketing has largely moved online these days, with new generations of consumers glancing for a few moments at an email, deciding whether it resonates, and then hitting the delete button. While online marketing is a crucial part of your marketing plan it shouldn’t be your sole strategy. The most competitive companies know how to marry effective online strategies with powerful print marketing and online printing to achieve the best marketing mix.

Here are four key print marketing tools that we believe are essential to promoting your business this year:

1. Business cards

When you hand out a business card, you are creating a link between a name, a face, and a graphic that will ultimately influence the impression on the recipient. Business card printing has become an art form that reflects the importance of this printed marketing tool. The quality of the business card and design has a big impact on the initial impression that potential customers have of you, your company and brand.

With our online printing services it easier than ever to order your business cards and have them printed in a jiffy.

2. Posters and banners

There is no better way to advertise an event than a large, full-scale poster with oversize print and eye-catching graphics. Poster printing needs to incorporate a striking design and high quality imagery to capture the attention of your target customer.

3. Promotional products

Everyone loves receiving gifts. From notepads and mousepads, to sunglasses and lip balms.


There are so many kinds of branded gifts you can give your customers, suppliers and partners that could come in very handy during their work day or simply make them smile. A fun gadget with your logo on it packs a powerful marketing punch.

4. Brochures

Flyer and brochure printing are highly effective marketing mediums. They are great ways to support online marketing campaigns or launch print only campaigns. In an increasingly paperless world, printed flyers and brochures cut through the marketing noise as they are tactile and something of a novelty.